Encore RC Invertix 400 3D Carbon Fiber ARF Quadcopter-Green

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Now Includes V2.1 ESC Firmware!!! 3s and 4s LiPo Compatible! The World’s FIRST 3D Fixed Pitch Multirotor. The Ultimate Machine to Practice and Enjoy the Art of 3D Flight. Incredibly Robust and Simple Design. Flight Ready in Under 60 Minutes. Ultra Low Parts Count – Simple and Affordable to Repair. High Visibility Canopy Design Provides Unparalleled Visibility and Orientation Awareness. NO SOLDERING REQUIRED.

Available in either Carbon Fiber or G10 Fiberglass (INVX-400).

Total Weight RTF (minus battery): 635g

Width: 405mm

Height: 123mm

Propeller Size: 8” NEO 3D Included

Battery Size: 3S/4S LiPo Battery 2200-2600mah Recommended

Flight Time: 3-4 Minutes (3D Flight)

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This is the Invertix 400 3D Carbon Fiber Almost Ready to Fly Quadcopter. Employing cutting-edge design and engineering, combined with precision manufacturing techniques, the Invertix 400 3D represents the cutting edge in 3D quadcopter performance.


Invertix 400 Carbon Fiber Airframe

(8) 8” NEO 3D Fixed Pitch Propellers

Custom Painted Invertix Canopy

(4) Outlaw 2212-1400kv Motors

(4) Outlaw Reverse3D 25Amp Opto ESCs

Outlaw 2.5 Amp 5V BEC w/V2.1 Firmware

Factory Tuned NanoWii Flight Controller

High Output Power Distribution Board

Full Color Premium Printed Manual

High Quality Vinyl Graphics

Heavy Duty Encore RC Battery Strap

User-Friendly Propeller Rotation Indicator Decal

Spare Hardware

Needed to Complete:

5 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter

5 Channel 2.4Ghz Receiver or DSM2/DSMX Satellite Receiver

DSM2/DSMX Compatible

3s- 4s LiPo Battery w/XT60 Connector 2200-2600mah, 35C Minimum

NOTE: The NanoWii board is very selective with DSMX and DSM2 satellites. It is very important to note what kind of radio is being used. If the radio says DSM2 on the front (Spektrum DX7 SE for example), you MUST use a DSM2 Satellite and bind it using a DSM2 Receiver (AR6100 or Similar). If the radio says DSMX on the front, you MUST use a DSMX Satellite and you MUST bind the satellite to your radio using a DSMX External Receiver (Spektrum AR7010 or similar). If these steps are not followed precisely, the model will not arm.


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