Gmade 2.2 G-Air Beadlock Wheel System



Bighorn tires are high grip tires designed for various rock crawlers & trucks

These tires are made of super soft compounds for good grip over all kind of terrain

Large, deep lugs provide exceptional traction in rock, mud, and dirt

Bighorn tires are one of the best rock-crawling tires available

You can adjust air pressure easily for tire performance over all kind of terrain

True beadlock wheels – No gluing

Dual side beadlock system

Great for Rock crawling

Fits 12mm hex hubs

Everything needed in one box

Wheel Specifications:

Width: 34mm

Diameter: 55.5mm (2.2inch)

Offset: +6.5mm

Hex: 12mm

Tire Specifications:

Tire Height: 136mm(5.3″)

Tire Width: 59mm(2.3″)

Inner Diameter: 56mm(2.2″)

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This is the Gmade 2.2 G-Air Beadlock Wheel System. Gmade G-Air wheels are a one of a kind air inflated crawler wheel system that allows you to adjust the air pressure of the tire to provide great performance on any terrain. Package includes four tires, four wheels and wheel hardware.


(4) 2.2″ G-Air system beadlock wheels

(4) Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires

(8) Nylon beadlock rings

(64) Stainless steel silver round head bolts

(24) Stainless steel silver cap head bolts

(4) Metal stoppers

(1) Air pump

(1) 2mm allen wrench

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