LRP Shorty Stock Spec LiPo 55C 7.4V 4300mAh Battery

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•HDS-3 – Advanced High Density Stacking technology: Revolutionary cell technology helps reduce swelling for a longer cycle life

•110C/55C LiPo power: No memory effect, extremely long lifetime

•3C Charge current: Safe and fast recharge

•Complies with the rules of the following federations: IFMAR / EFRA / DMC / BRCA / LRP-HPI-Challenge / LRP-Offroad-Challenge

•FREE Gold Works Team connectors included

•Tested according to latest UN test standards

•4mm gold coated connectors

•Durable, see-through, hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material

•2mm gold coated balancing connector

•LRP quality approved

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This is the LRP Competition 2S Li-Poly 55C Hard Case Stock Spec Shorty Battery Pack. Thanks to reformulated cell chemistry, these battery packs are safer and more robust than previous LRP offerings. This makes them ideal and reliable power sources for competition and hobby drivers. They provide longer lifespan and runtimes than any LRP battery has experienced.    The LRP 4300 – Shorty Stock Spec – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo – 1/10 Competition Car Line Hardcase is an innovation for 1/10 offroad Stock competition racing. It combines highest voltage output with the possibility to adapt the setup of the car to the driver’s preferences.

Weight: 210g

Nominal voltage: 7.4V 2S

Style: Stock Spec Shorty

Dimensions: 96.0×47.0x25.1mm

Capacity: 4300mAh

Balancing connector: 2mm Gold

Connector: 4mm Gold

Application: 1/10 Offroad Stock Competition


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